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Central CT Chambers of Commerce

Restaurant & Relaxation Membership

Join the Chamber With Our Exclusive
"Restaurant & Relaxation" Offering

Are you a business owner looking to amplify your network and boost your visibility? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of membership in the Central CT Chambers of Commerce without the full financial commitment upfront? We've got an exciting offer just for you!

Introducing our "Restaurant & Relaxation" Package – a unique membership plan designed to support your business while easing the financial obligation. With this special package, you can pay half of your membership dues in cash/check/credit card and the other half in gift cards to your establishment. It's an innovative way to join our vibrant community, leverage powerful networking opportunities, and to allow us to pass on some well-deserved perks to others along the way.

*This offering is available to restaurants, bars, spas, salons, barbershops and those who offer similar services. If you are not sure if you qualify for this membership offering, please contact our Membership Director at (860) 584-4725.

Why Choose the "Restaurant & Relaxation" Offering?

  • Flexible Payment Option: Split your membership dues into 50% cash/check/credit card and 50% gift cards, making it easier on your budget.
  • Increase Interest in Your Services: Gift cards are used as raffle items, auction prizes and thank yous by the Chamber. Your gift card may just lead you to a repeat customer!
  • Exclusive Benefits: Gain access to all the incredible resources, events, and networking opportunities that the Central CT Chambers of Commerce offers.
  • Enhanced Exposure: Boost your business’s visibility through our extensive network and marketing channels.
  • Community Engagement: Be part of a community dedicated to mutual growth, support, and success.

How It Works


  1. Sign Up: Enroll in the "Restaurant & Relaxation" Package through our easy online application process. Select "Central CT Chambers" and then "Restaurant & Relaxation" from the drop down.
  2. Split Payments: Pay half of your membership dues in cash/check/credit card upfront and provide gift cards for the remaining amount.
  3. Reap the Benefits: Access a wealth of resources, attend exclusive events, and network with fellow business owners and community leaders.

Join Today!

Don't miss out on this offer to become part of the Central CT Chambers of Commerce family. Embrace the opportunity to grow your business, connect with like-minded professionals, and enjoy the best our community has to offer.

Sign up now for the "Restaurant & Relaxation" Package and start your journey towards business success and personal enjoyment!

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