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About Us

The Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce is ready to help new and old businesses of all sizes. As a member of our community, you have access to information and services that are innovative and tailored to the needs of your business. By participating in regional planning activities, the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce represents the goals and aspirations of our member communities. By using our connections within the community and in the state capital, we are able to continue to push the growth and development of Central Connecticut in the right direction.

At the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, our goal is to assist in making the connections needed to improve the quality of life for our residents and to continue to support business growth. We also strive to make new connections and bring new vitality to the region by encouraging new businesses to grow and expand, and by encouraging people to make use of the many options available for education, civic engagement, and cultural enrichment.

Our Vision:

Businesses working together to promote regional prosperity and community vitality.

Our Mission:

The Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce focuses on three main tenets: economic growth, advocacy for our members and member development. If we are successful in these areas, we will not only grow the Chamber but we will also create an environment of success for our communities.

Our Goals:

  • Economic Growth – To grow and diversify the business community throughout Connecticut. Developing new sources of capital, connecting businesses both large and small with community leaders and working with elected officials to create an environment where business will thrive.
  • Legislative & Governmental Advocacy – To take any and all actions necessary to be a voice for our members at the federal, state and local level. To continue to work toward creating a business environment in Connecticut that is pro-growth, pro-investment and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Membership Development – To continue to grow our membership not just in numbers, but in their involvement with us in the process of economic development and advocacy. To work with each member to help them build their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses and become better business people.
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