NESMA NESMA (The New England Spring and Metalstamping Association) began in 1956 in Bristol, Connecticut.

Members of NESMA manufacture precision mechanical springs including wire forms, 4 slide and stamped parts. From its inception, the founding members realized that the two most important benefits it could offer its members were: 1) contribute to the need for a skilled and trained labor force and 2) work with the state authorities to promote manufacturing in Connecticut.

Now through strategic alliances with the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce and the Bristol Technical Education Center, NESMA has tried to breathe life into its educational and political endeavors.

NESMA realized that both educators and legislators do not often understand precisely what manufacturers need and want. In addition, manufacturing advocates must compete with other groups for diminished resources, which means NESMA must have a laser beam focus when communicating with local and national leaders.

NESMA is demonstrating to educators and legislators what kind of labor pool is needed for today’s manufacturing environment. Connecticut needs more technical graduates than in the past.

NESMA is also trying to convince well-meaning legislators that initiatives, which they see as pro-manufacturing, are not really helping the manufacturing base if their initiatives only help larger manufacturers and do nothing for the small shop.

NESMA is currently evaluating the possibility of using the organization as a catalyst to unify the many different initiatives with the common goals of promoting technical education and assisting the small manufacturer in Connecticut. By doing so NESMA wants to offer the most powerful benefit to its members both for today and for the future.

To learn more about NESMA or how to become a NESMA member, please visit or contact Dee Babkirk at the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce office by phone at (860) 314-2101 or by email.