Staff Directory

Cindy Scoville

Cindy Scoville, President & CEO
President & CEO
(860) 584-4720

Linda DiMatteo

Linda DiMatteo. Vice President of Events
Vice President of Events
Executive Assistant to the President
Executive Director to Wolcott Chamber
(860) 584-4132

Rebecca White

Rebecca White. Marketing & Communications Director
Marketing & Communications Director
(860) 584-4158

Jill Fitzgerald

Jill Fitzgerald. Bookkeeper/Accountant
Director of Finance
Executive Director to Bloomfield Chamber
(860) 584-4724

Dee Babkirk

Dee Babkirk. Affiliate Support Manager
Affiliate Support Manager
(860) 314-2101

Mecheal Hamilton

Mecheal Hamilton. Executive Director to Farmington Chamber
Executive Director to Farmington Chamber
(860) 676-8490

Joyce Lukasewski

Joyce Lukasewski. Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
(860) 584-4718

Cat Boyce

Cat Boyce, Marketing and Events Assitant
Marketing and Events Assistant
Executive Director to Plymouth Chamber
(860) 585-1694