History of The Bristol Chamber of Commerce

Bristol Chamber 1917. Central CT Chambers of Commerce | Bristol, CT

The Bristol Board of Trade was founded in 1889 to promote the interest of Bristol, to aid in the protection and development of all legitimate enterprises, to unite the energies and influence of all citizens in matters of public welfare, and to secure uniformity of opinion and action, and cooperation among its members to this end.

The Bristol Board of Trade eventually became the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, which was incorporated in December of 1915, and throughout its history has been the local business organization supporting regional vitality and community prosperity.

The Chamber has expanded its regional footprint over the years. In 2003, the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce was formed in an effort to expand the area it benefited and to enable the Chamber to assist more members. This allowed the Chamber to expand from covering just Bristol to the entire Central Connecticut region.

The Central Connecticut Chambers is composed of several affiliate chambers including those of Bristol, Bloomfield, Burlington, Farmington, Plymouth/Terryville, and Wolcott.

Pictured above: Bristol Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet - January, 25, 1917. Pictured below: Main Street in Bristol, including the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, in 1915.

Main Street and the Bristol Chamber, 1915. Central CT Chambers of Commerce | Bristol, CT